Born in Battipaglia (Salerno) in ’54, I moved to Genoa in ’68 and after wandering between Rome and Milan, I reach and stop in Tuscany in 1980 where I still live. color and painting, I have always had ties with artists and the world of art with its history and its museums. This condition has awakened in me a strong interest in artistic language. In 2001 with friends I open a gallery in Prato and later a few years, inspired more and more by the wonders and emotions that provoke works of extraordinary beauty, I decide through intuitions, to get involved. To be part of it, and in turn transmit on canvas those sensations I felt and feel, reading and extracting from the pages of life, where joys and sorrows mark the passing of time, those compositions those colors, which, even if for a moment, can capture the attention, and transport us to a different world. sometimes dreamlike, where the sensations can be multiple, open works, which do not contain static visions, but which give space to more interpretations and sensations. The path I have undertaken through the study of color that contains a great strength in itself, has meant that through the fragmentation, that force that dynamism can free itself and manifest in its essence all its energy, all the its light!

At the studio