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Personal Exhibition in Florence in Palazzo Panciatichi – Exhibition: VIOLATE INNOCENCE

Personal Exhibition in Florence in Palazzo Panciatichi – Exhibition: VIOLATE INNOCENCE

I had the pleasure of having Prof. Carlo Pepi to attend this exhibition. Quite curious how it all happened. One day, long ago, I received a phone call: I’m Carlo Pepi (textual words), I call you because a dear friend of mine, (Virgilio Luvisotti) I still thank you for introducing me to the professor) … he told me about you and he asked me to present the
exhibition, but I tell you that if I do not like the works, I will not present the exhibition! He was very direct and frank without frills.

I must say that while I was so surprised I was very pleased too! Finally someone who acts out of pure passion for art, who does not sell and does things just to
please someone even if he was a dear friend.

I think I met one of the most genuine person, “I like you” I told him,  I will come to see you to present the project with a couple of works, it will be a pleasure to meet you”. It went very well, he liked both the works and the project! I believe that the prof. Pepi should be considered as the heritage of humanity. It has about 20,000 works including preparatory studies, sketches and
works, which go mainly from the Macchiaioli to the contemporary.

His home is a place of pilgrimage, groups of people visit him to see and hear his knowledge and achievements in the field of art. Dowsing to recognize the true from the false, it is him who has closed the Modigliani exhibition in Genoa for the false exhibits, it is him who said “the heads found in the Arno, which all the experts attributed to Amedeo Modigliani, are false”
And so much even more.

Returning to the Violate Innocence, I wanted to close the exhibition with four angels to lighten the tension that the exhibition creates. Two years ago when in Palazzo Medici Riccardi I presented an anthology that started from “VIOLATE INNOCENCE”, I approached a lady who was in tears, she
told me “are you the author?”… witness of the event was Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, who astonished told me “if they had told me I would have had difficulty believing it, but I saw it with my own eyes! ….