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Patrizio Landolfi


Born in Battipaglia (Salerno, Italy) on the 17th of March 1954, I moved to Genoa in
1968 and after having travelled between Rome and Milan, in 1980 I reached Tuscany
on the magnificent hills of Chianti in Tavernelle Val di Pesa where I still live.

Since I was a child I have always had a natural tendency for art that I have developed
over the years, attending studies by well-known contemporary artists. Refining the
technique and experimenting new ideas I have lately created my personal technique
called “Fragmentation”.

Painting has always fascinated me, since I was a child I could not wait to finish my
homework to draw and paint.
I used to copy from landscapes books and comic figures, at the age of 12 I
remember that there was a national theme to be realized in painting at school in
relation of the Vayont disaster.

After many years I came to know from my older sisters that my painting was
classified among the first and that the drawing teacher had kept it.
I still remember the composition, I copied the scene from a famous Italian magazine
where the roof was collapsing over some people and I had the idea of dividing the
canvas in three parts.

In the middle there was the scene of the interior and in the two other quarters of
the canvas I painted a terrified eye and a mouth with a cry of terror.
Without knowing it I had created a work of pure expressionist nature!
It would be very nice and interesting to see it again.

During my life I have always been in search of the truth and I came to know the
Sacred Books of the Vedas and they have colored my whole life.
Over the time I have decided to bring those colors and those meanings on most of
the paintings that I still paint.